Biofeedback Therapy

How Biofeedback Therapy Can Help

Biofeedback therapy is a treatment that helps you take control of the involuntary responses in your body. These involuntary responses are unconsciously controlled by your nervous system which includes heartbeat, breathing, muscle tension, skin temperature, and blood pressure. These automatic responses play a big role in identifying and treating ailments. By learning how to control and manage these body responses, your physical and mental performance will be improved.

The therapeutic technique biofeedback will utilize technology to observe your condition thoroughly. Electrodes or sensors will be attached to your skin or scalp, depending on the type of biofeedback method, to acquire and to collect information about your bodily responses. Some examples of the information that are gathered include heart rate speed, blood pressure, and sweating which are your body’s responses when you are under stress. You do not lower your blood pressure just by thinking, do you? Nonetheless, Biofeedback therapy can show you other ways to do it.

Each client has unique conditions that also ask for unique approaches and medications. That is why in Atlanta Health Clinic, the methods we use in Biofeedback therapy vary depending on our patient’s arising health needs. Here are some of the Biofeedback Therapy methods we use:

  • Heart rate – In this method, electrocardiograph (ECG) is used to gather information about your heart rate speed. Sensors will be attached to your chest, lower torso, or wrist to check the variation of your heart rates.
  • Breathing – Bands are placed around your abdomen and chest to monitor your breathing pattern. Having to know and to control your breathing can help you relax and tone down other bodily responses such as your blood pressure, heart rate speed, and sweating.
  • Brain waves – This method collects information about your brain activity using electroencephalograph (EEG).
  • Muscle contraction – Electrical responses in the muscle are collected in this method to observe muscle contractions using the electromyograph (EMG).

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