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Atlanta Health Center is offering a trusted and proven knee pain treatment program. We are offering a non-surgical treatment program because we believe that there are cases we can treat without the need for surgery. 

Our clinic helped a lot of patients steer clear of knee replacement surgery with our non-surgical knee pain treatment programs. We have licensed and qualified health care professionals who are highly trained to diagnose and treat patients with knee pain. Atlanta Health Center is dedicated to helping individuals in Atlanta to recover from their pain and give them a healthy and active lifestyle. 

When it comes to knee pain, you should make sure if you have other options than surgery. Most of the time, surgery is not the only option; you can have a less invasive treatment with us. In addition, our knee pain treatment program is FDA approved. 

What is knee pain?

When you have sore knees, it is a sign that you have something serious going on with your body. Having continuous knee pain is not normal. Thus, you need to have yourself checked when you experience it. 

There are several possibilities why your knees are in pain, but this can be treated. 

What is causing my knee pain?

Usually, the cause of knee pain is a result of a patient having arthritis in the joint. It may also be from an old injury, especially if the patient was previously an athlete or had an accident. 

The joint cartilage and bone of the knee may degenerate, called Osteoarthritis of the knee. With this situation, the patient will have less mobility and will experience pain. If this condition is not treated, it may lead to a costly surgery which is knee replacement. 

The other causes of knee pain may also be: 

  • sprain
  • strain
  • injury
  • tendinitis
  • obesity
  • improper biomechanics

Relief for knee pain

If you have been experiencing chronic knee pain, you should start to seek medical help. Atlanta Health Center is here to help you. We can diagnose the source of your knee pain accurately and create a knee pain treatment program for you. The most important thing when it comes to treatments is getting the source of the knee pain. Although it is mostly the basis of the diagnosis, the treatment will revolve around the source of the problem.

Once our expert healthcare providers at Atlanta Health Center got the source of your knee pain, we will conduct a physical examination and other necessary tests. We will discuss your symptoms and your treatments. 

We are known for our knee treatment programs because we recommend a customized treatment plan. We tailor our knee pain treatments according to the diagnosis, goals of the patient, and other necessities as the situation dictates. 

Our healthcare experts work hand in hand to give consistent patient care and have better results for knee pain treatments. Get relief for your chronic knee pain at Atlanta Health Center of Georgia.

We have helped many patients get back on their active and healthy lifestyles with less invasive knee treatment programs and advanced treatment methods. We can help you start on your road to recovery! Our team wants you to live your best life. 

How to manage knee pain symptoms?

If you are experiencing knee pain for the first time, here are the things you can do for the first 24 to 48 hours. 

You can: 

  • Rest and exercise: Try resting your knee and avoid moving too much. You can move your knee a little bit for 10 to 20 seconds every two hours. 
  • Avoid heavy lifting: do not lift heavy things. Try going back to your regular routine. 
  • Heat packs: For pain, heat is known as an effective treatment. You can try heat pads, heat cream, or you can also put a hot water bottle over your knee gently. Make sure that it is just warm and not too hot. Putting something too hot over your knee might give you a burn, hence, a new injury. You can also try putting on a warm, damp towel. You can put the heat pack for no longer than 20 minutes.
  • Ice: If you think the heat is not for you, you can try ice. Some people use ice to manage short-term knee pain. You can use an ice pack or a cold towel. You can buy a ready-made ice pack from the drug store as well. Do not put ice directly. Use either a cloth or a towel for it if you do not have an ice pack. You can do this for no longer than 30 minutes. 

If the pain still persists, it is time to go and visit your doctor. If something really happened to trigger the pain, then we suggest you go the hospital immediately. Dealing with knee pain is not a joke, it can cause permanent damage if not diagnosed quickly. 

Knee Pain and Treatment Programs in Atlanta

If you or a loved one is looking for programs for knee pain in Atlanta, the Atlanta Health Center is here for you. You can work closely with our chiropractors, pain management specialists, and other health care providers who are qualified to do the job. All of them are highly trained and have years of experience in treating patients to minimize or eliminate the pain. 

Call us and set your appointments today. You can ring us at (770) 680-5740 or send us an email at You can also set your appointment online by clicking this.

Your journey to healing starts here with us. 

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