Interventional Pain Management

Atlanta Interventional Pain Management Specialists Provide Comprehensive Services to Address and Ease Your Pain

At Atlanta Health Center in Atlanta, Georgia, we have one goal: ease your pain to make your life more manageable and enjoyable. Our specialists understand the impact that chronic pain can have on your life and are committed to helping you address this issue. Our compassionate staff will help you find alternative ways to treat your pain and help ease your burden.

Background on Interventional Pain Management

Interventional Pain Management a treatment method that uses techniques to block pain so that everyday activities are not a struggle. Interventional pain management is used to diagnose, reduce and relieve pain.

Interventional Pain Management is often used when a patient experiences pain that interferes with their daily activities and ability to work when other treatment options have not been effective. When pain medication and other conservative treatment options are not successful in relieving pain, more aggressive options may be considered.

Types of Interventional Pain Management:

There are many types of Interventional Pain Management treatment options. The treatment method that is used for you will depend on your medical history, source of pain, location of pain and your objectives. Your pain management doctor will discuss which options are best for you, given your particular circumstances.

Interventional Pain Management techniques include:

  • Nerve blocks – Nerves to the brain signal your pain. Nerve blocks interrupt these signals to relieve pain. Some nerve blocks are minimally invasive while others require surgical implantation.
  • Injections – Injections target specific regions of your body to relieve pain. They typically include a steroid and a numbing agent. Possible options include: epidural injections, facet injections, knee injections, hip bursa injections, shoulder injections, ankle injections, sacroiliac injections, and trigger point injections.
  • Radio Frequency Nerve Ablation – radio frequency nerve ablation (RFA) is often used to treat lower back and neck pain caused by arthritis. Radio wages create an electrical current to heal nerve tissue. This treatment option helps to decrease pain signals.
  • Infusions – Infusions deliver pain relief medication directly into your body. The type of medication and the location where it is infused depends on your particular situation.
  • Stimulation – Electrical currents are sent to the source of the pain in stimulation treatments. For spinal cord stimulation, electrical leads are inserted near the spinal column while a generator is inserted into the abdomen. The generator sends electrical signals to the spinal column, which blocks the brain’s ability to perceive pain. Other regions of the body can be targeted with peripheral nerve field stimulation.

Your pain management doctor will thoroughly discuss your condition and make treatment recommendations based on your objectives.

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If you are struggling to manage your pain, trust that there are more effective options that are available. Our compassionate Atlanta Interventional Pain Management specialists have extensive training and knowledge regarding various types of pain management techniques and will discuss your options during your initial consultation. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide pain relief in a comprehensive and ethical manner. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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