Sandy Springs Pain Clinic

Pain can affect every aspect of your daily life. It can make it difficult to find or keep a job, interfere with your personal relationships with others, and impede your social life. It can also make everyday activities seem impossible. 

At Pain Management & Wellness Centers of Georgia, our pain experts are dedicated to providing individualized care for each patient. In addition, our interventional pain specialists at Sandy Springs Pain Clinic are here to help you regain control of your pain and everyday life. 

Our Services 

Our Sandy Springs Pain Clinic offers the following services:

  • Biofeedback therapy to help patients gain control of their body’s involuntary responses 
  • Interventional pain management to block pain so that everyday activities are no longer the struggle they are today 
  • Prescription medication to harness the power of the most effective pain management solutions
  • Wellness testing to determine the underlying conditions that may be affecting the pain you are experiencing and your body’s reaction to it

In addition to these comprehensive services, we also offer various injections, nerve blocks, and radiofrequency nerve ablation (RFA).

What You Can Expect from Our Sandy Springs Pain Clinic

When you become a patient at our Sandy Springs Pain Clinic, you can expect:

  • A thorough assessment by a qualified specialist and an integrative approach to your treatment 
  • Diagnostic testing that gets to the bottom of your struggle with pain
  • An integrative pain solution that helps you get your life back on track
  • Improved quality of life
  • A plan that is targeted to your unique needs
  • Effective techniques to minimize your pain and make it possible to manage

Contact us today to learn more about the difference of working with us.

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