Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is pain management?
billion people across the globe suffer with chronic pain. Often, people with this medical problem have difficulty sleeping at night or concentrating during the day. They may find even simple tasks difficult. Pain management is a form of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis and management of chronic pain. Through interventional procedures, physical therapy, medication management and other types of treatment, your pain is treated.
2. What is interventional pain management?
Interventional pain management is a treatment method that uses techniques to block pain to make everyday activities more manageable and for the patient to have an increased quality of life. Through interventional pain management, specialized pain doctors look for treatment options other than pain medication to diagnose, reduce and relieve pain. Treatments may include surgery, nerve blocks, electro stimulation or other options.
3. When should someone take pain medication?
Due to the highly addictive nature of many pain medications, it is important that you only take pain medication under a doctor’s supervision and at the amounts prescribed. Taking pain medication only for a limited amount of time can help you avoid dependence. There are a number of other treatment options that you can consider that may help relieve pain. Your pain management doctor can discuss the options that are best for you.
4. What can I expect from a pain management doctor?
During your initial appointment, your pain management doctor will get to know you and the challenges you face. He or she will ask you questions about your occupation, medical history and your history with pain. He or she will also review any medical records you bring with you. Your pain management doctor will work with you to develop a customized treatment plan based on your objectives. He or she will also coordinate other care, such as physical therapy and rehabilitation.
5. What is an epidural and why would I need one?
An epidural is a form of anesthesia. It blocks pain in a region of the body with the goal to provide pain relief. It blocks nerve impulses in the lower spinal region. It is commonly used during labor, but it may be used to treat other conditions, including spinal disorders and lower back pain.
6. What is the best way to deal with joint pain?
There are a number of natural ways to deal with joint pain, including ice therapy, warm water and exercise. Physical therapy can also relieve joint pain. The particular treatment that is best for you will depend on the source of pain and your objectives. Surgery to replace the joint may be used in some situations. Your pain management doctor will discuss your possible treatment options.

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