Chronic Pain Management Treatments

Atlanta Health Clinic knows your pain

In Georgia, 1 out of 4 adults experiences chronic pain from arthritis and other joint-related illnesses. These degenerative diseases do not only disrupt and make daily living harder but also pose further complications if not given the proper medication and attention. However, there is no need for you to worry much about how you will take control of your life from disruptive chronic pain.

In Atlanta Health Clinic, many integrative solutions in overcoming and managing pain are offered. The Atlanta Health Center provides a wide range of customized and quality pain management and medication depending on your needs and health condition.

Get To Know Your Pain

The joints in our body are partially responsible for our movements. These small structures in our body make us able to move by allowing bones to painlessly glide, swing, rotate, or spin depending on what it is. Different instances can lead to chronic joint pain. For example, a sudden twist of your arm can damage your synovial hinge joint that is located on your elbow which may cause you mild to debilitating chronic pain depending on the severity of the injury. Many different conditions can also lead to painful joints like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and gout.

The Pain Ends Here

Finding ways to relieve pain could be challenging. People have different levels of pain threshold and different sources of pain. There are indeed no two bodies alike and the same is true with pain. The good thing is, the pain management specialists in Atlanta Health Clinic utilize a variety of pain management methods in treating their patients. Different options are considered in determining the most effective individualized treatment for the patient ranging from interventional pain managementbiofeedback therapy, prescription medication, and overall wellness testing. 

Interventional Pain Management

This treatment method uses techniques to block, reduce, and relieve pain that disrupts your daily living. Usually, patients undergo interventional pain management treatment when other pain management treatments are ineffective to them. This method makes use of pain-blocking techniques to relieve the patient from pain and restore the quality of life they have.

These are some of the interventional pain management options offered in Atlanta Health Clinic:

  • Nerve blocks – This method is used to interrupt the pain signals going to the brain. Depending on whether the goal is long-term or short-term relief, the type of nerve block could be minimally invasive or a surgical procedure.
  • Injections – Epidural injections, facet injections, knee injections, hip bursa injections, shoulder injections, ankle injections, sacroiliac injections, and trigger point injections are some of the pain management agents used in this technique. These numbing agents are injected in specific regions of the body to ease the pain.
  • Radio Frequency Nerve Ablation (RFNA) – This method is usually used to alleviate lower back and neck pain. Electrical currents produced by radio waves are employed to heat an area of nerve tissue.
  • Infusions – This refers to the treatment where infusions like Epidural infusions and Intrathecal Infusions are directly delivered to the body for long-term use.
  • Stimulation – In this technique, electrical currents are sent to the source of the pain in stimulation treatments.

Biofeedback Therapy

This treatment allows you to take control of the normally automatic body functions such as heart rate speed, blood pressure, and body temperature. The Atlanta Health Clinic biofeedback therapist will help you understand more of how these involuntary body functions can help you relieve the chronic pain you are experiencing. By learning how to control and manage these body responses, your physical and mental performance will be improved.

The process in Biofeedback therapy includes the usage of medical machines that will help you monitor real-time what is happening inside your body. Sensors or electrodes will be attached to specific regions of your body to observe and collect information about your condition which will be used in treating the chronic pain you feel. Types of biofeedback therapy in Atlanta Health Center may include observation and analysis of your brainwaves, breathing, heart rate, muscle contraction, blood pressure, and temperature.

Wellness Testing and Prescription Medication

Pain Management and Wellness Center Georgia also offers FDA-approved testing to help you determine whether you have other underlying disease that contributes to your pain. It is very important to have a thorough holistic check-up to be able to treat what needs to be treated and to prevent further complications.

The pain specialists in Atlanta Health Clinic could also provide prescription medications that are designed to help you manage your pain.

If you are struggling to manage your pain, set your appointment with us, and let us end your pain now.

What You Need to Know About Your Appointment

To save time in the waiting room on your next appointment, here are a few helpful tips that will help speed up the process on our end. If you come prepared with the information that we’ll need, the wait time will decrease tremendously!

A list of your prescriptions

If possible, bring your prescription bottles to your appointment. If you can’t bring the bottles, bring an itemized list of all prescriptions. Be sure to write down the name of the medicine, strength and your prescribed dosage.N

Your medical history

You can save our office staff time by bringing your medical records from previous or existing physicians to your next appointment.N

Your medical devices

If you’re currently using any medical devices such as back braces, slings, boots, etc., bring these to your next appointment so that your Doctor can determine if the device is the best option for you.

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