• Nobody wants back pain! Because of back pain, many people miss opportunities and events in life. Many cannot go to work and many cannot enjoy sports just because of back pain. The good news is, you can take steps to prevent or relieve back pain. You can prevent it, but
  • Knee pain can make every movement a challenge when the knee’s joints cause pain with activity and movement. One method of reducing knee pain is by fortifying the muscles and tissues in and around the knees. Simple, low-intensity exercises can strengthen muscles and restore patients’ range of movement. Pain Management
  • What is a Pain Management Doctor? A pain management doctor specializes in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of pain. They are qualified to do such treatments because they have advanced training. After residency, doctors will go through another year of fellowship in pain management. Their specialty in pain management is
  • Biofeedback device
    Biofeedback therapy is a technique in which you learn to gain greater control over functions that are typically involuntary in an effort to prevent or treat various medical conditions. Electrode sensors are attached to your body and send signals to a monitor that shows your heart and breathing rate, along
  • It is indeed a blessing if you are living a pain-free life because those among us who develop conditions that induce chronic pains suffer through life in the worst way imaginable. It is one thing to feel chronic pain once in a while, but living with it takes an unimaginable