• What is a Pain Management Doctor? A pain management doctor specializes in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of pain. They are qualified to do such treatments because they have advanced training. After residency, doctors will go through another year of fellowship in pain management. Their specialty in pain management is
  • Biofeedback device
    Biofeedback therapy is a technique in which you learn to gain greater control over functions that are typically involuntary in an effort to prevent or treat various medical conditions. Electrode sensors are attached to your body and send signals to a monitor that shows your heart and breathing rate, along
  • It is indeed a blessing if you are living a pain-free life because those among us who develop conditions that induce chronic pains suffer through life in the worst way imaginable. It is one thing to feel chronic pain once in a while, but living with it takes an unimaginable
  • Medicine and Thermometer
    If you are suffering from chronic pain and need some relief, here are five of the best treatment options.   1.     Cold and Heat There is a reason why cold and heat therapy is often recommended as the first treatment method for pain.  Cold can help decrease inflammation, leading to
  • How to Safely Use Prescription Medication for Chronic Pain
    Unfortunately, the human body and nerve system are constructed so that we are doomed to feel pain. Of course, there are, indeed, medical cases of HSAN IV, a rare condition, when a patient doesn’t feel any pain at all and can’t sweat. Probably, if you are reading this, you think