Ankle Injections For Pain: What To Expect

Many might have experience pain in the ankle whenever a wrong step is taken or we roll our ankle. It might take hours before the pain goes away, but what if it never goes away? The pain in your ankle will affect your every activity and impact your life. You should know that there is a pain management procedure for your twisted ankle, and they are called ankle injections. Ankle injections will ease the pain if it does not go away.

What is an ankle injection?

There are joints in our ankles that help us stand up and move throughout the day. The large talus bone receives the lower leg bones, and a variety of tendons ligaments stabilize our leg and foot, which helps us move and balance ourselves. There are also nerves in the ankle joints.

When this structure is hurt, there will be problems. One option to reduce the pain is ankle injection, and they use anesthetic and corticosteroids to relieve the pain.

When are ankle injections usually recommended?

You can opt to choose ankle injection if the following scenarios happen:

  • the over-the-counter pain killers are not effective
  • if you are immobile because of the pain
  • swelling or tenderness in the ankle is evident
  • deformity or cracking is seen in the ankle
  • there are popping sounds when you move your ankle

Some clinics immediately recommend invasive surgical procedures, but you can always opt for an ankle injection before going to surgery. You can try all less invasive procedures before giving in to surgery. Furthermore, ankle injections may show which nerves are affected and might be treated with physical therapy or other treatments.

There are more conservative measures to treat ankle pain, however, if these have failed, ankle injection is your best option rather than surgery.

There are other underlying conditions that cause ankle pain. These usually cause inflammation, tissue damage, and chronic pain:

  • osteoarthritis
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • gout
  • tarsal tunnel syndrome
  • bursitis
  • tendonitis
  • synovitis

When you have these conditions, weight-bearing activities might cause immense pain.

How does the ankle injection work?

The ankle injection is a less invasive procedure to relieve your pain, and it only takes a few minutes. The procedure is simple, your pain specialist will insert the needle with the proper placement in your ankle and inject the anesthesia and corticosteroid. These two will reduce inflammation and relieve the pain. Some patients feel mild discomfort during the procedure, some feel pressure, but most regard it as a not too painful procedure.

The ankle injections are usually repeated three to four times a year.

Ankle injection recovery

After the injection, the patient should rest for a few days. Those patients with jobs that require standing up, walking, running, or too much foot and leg activity must take a break from work. It is recommended to apply the cold compress for 20 minutes after the ankle injection.

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